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Soil, Mediums & Mulch

Soils & Potting Mixes:

Soil is a mixture of organic and inorganic substances which provide nutrients and structure to plant growth

Baccto Pro Mix —– 2cu.ft —–  $19.00

Quality all purpose potting soil, containing a proprietary mix of reed sedge peat, perlite,sand, limestone, and fertilizers

Baccto LITE Potting  —– 40qt —– $12.00

A special blend of naturally nutritious dark reed sedge, peat, perlite, and sand. This formula increases both starter and slower-release fertilizers to provide the best possible plant growth in one easy to use product.

Baccto Veggie Mix Potting Soil   —– 40qt —– $12.00

A quality lightweight potting soil specifically designeD for growing vegetables containing a proprietary mix of organic matter components (no inorganic additives), comprised of a blend of horticultural peat, sphagnum peat, limestone, and natural organic fertilizers

Garden Magic Top Soil  40lb —–  $6.99

A soil containing some peat and sand, which is useful for top dressing lawns and gardens, or patching lawn bare spots.

Garden Magic Potting Soil —– 20#  —– $6.50 OR 40# —–  $8.50

All purpose potting soil containing reed sedge peat, perlite, and sand.

Purple Cow Activated Potting Mix —  1cf —– $29.99

Offers superior performance because it is scientifically formulated with PCO Mineral Complex, so readily available nutrients not only get a good start, but continue to feed your plant long after planting. Your lighter feeding edibles, herbs, and flowers will continue to receive nutrients and minerals for up to 2 months . It is ideal for large or small containers and has excellent moisture-holding characteristics.

Purple Cow Raised Bed Mix —–  1.5cf —– $26.99

A weed seed and topsoil free blend of organic ingredients for filling raised garden beds.  By using a product free of topsoil, and made from OMRI listed ingredients, you are ensuring  that your growing media will be free of hazardous lead contaminants.  

Purple Cow Indicanja —–  1 cu.ft. —– $23.50

Purple Cow Indicanja is a scientifically formulated and tested organic fertilizing package that contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, fertility, and biology for all stages of plant growth from young seedlings in a vegetative phase through transplanting, budding, and flowering, and the final hardening phase. IndiCanja was developed by a grower, for growers to be “ready-to-use” requiring no further inputs.

Purple Cow Tomato Gro —– 12qt —– $14.00

Formulated for the specific needs of tomato plants and is excellent for the use in garden soil or added to large or small containers. It is also made from all natural organic ingredients and contains no manure.

PRO-MIX POTTING SOIL —–1cuft —-$17.00 OR 2cuft —–$29.00

Ready-to-use, this peat-based Premium Potting Mix is perfect for all indoor and outdoor container planting.

Pro-mix veggie & Herb potting soil —–1cuft —-$17.00 OR 2cuft —–$29.00

Organic fertilizer that gradually feeds plants for up to 3 months. It stimulates vigorous growth for greater stress resistance, larger root systems for increased nutrient and water uptake, creating bigger, healthier plants.

HAPPY FROG POTTING SOIL —-12qt —-$14.00 OR — 2 cu.ft.  — $35.99 

Quality potting soil containing beneficial microbes and fungi, earthworm castings, bat guano and aged forest products

OCEAN FOREST POTTING SOIL —-12qt —-$14.00 OR — 2 cu.ft.  — $35.99

Quality potting soil with a very light aerated texture containing a blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.

Bush Doctor Coco Loco 

2 cu.ft. ———–$44.99

Plants growing in Coco Loco will not require water as often as your usual potting mix. For use in hanging baskets, vertical gardens, containers, or seedling trays. Extend your watering schedule!



Mulch assists in moisture retention, soil erosion, and temperature regulation, while providing your yard with a finished appearance.

Black Forest Fine Texture HARDWOOD MULCH — 2 cu.ft. —- $8.00

A naturally composted, triple shredded hardwood mulch which is colorant and chemical free.

HARDWOOD MULCH — 2 cu.ft. —- $8.00

A naturally composted, colorant and chemical free mulch shredded to a uniform consistency

RED CEDAR MULCH — 2 cu.ft. —- $9.00

A fibrous lightweight mulch produced from western red cedar with a rich natural color, this mulch is naturally decay and insect resistant, is highly absorbent, and useful in dog runs because of its odor cutting qualities

PINE BARK MULCH — 2 cu.ft. —– – $8.00

A medium-textured easy-to-spread mulch with a uniform consistency and may increase the acidity of your garden soil

Red CEDAR BARK (Sm, MED, LG) — 2 cu.ft. . —- $9.00 (SM, M, L) 

A coarse textured mulch comprised of nuggets (not shredded). Produced from western red cedar, is naturally decay and insect resistant, is highly absorbent, and useful in dog runs because of its odor cutting qualities


Compost & Soil Amendments

Compost is a mixture of organic matter as from leaves and manure that has decayed or has been digested by organisms used to improve soil structure and provide nutrients. A soil amendment refers to any material added to the solid to improve its physical or chemical properties


A proprietary OMRI listed plant-based compost comprised of organic matter which has a unique bio-catalytic effect in order to deliver nutrients at specific stages, as needed by the plant

BACCTO ORGANIC COMPOST — .8 cu.ft.— -$10.00

A proprietary blend completely composed of well-aged green product (grass, leaves, etc.), with no animal product whatsoever

THE COW COMPOST — 40# —– $9.00

An odor-free blend of natural animal manure and composted peat containing a high nutrient content and with a natural water holding capacity

MUSHROOM COMPOST — 1.5 cu.ft.—- $8.00

Comprised of spent mushroom substrate, containing composted straw, horse manure and supplemental nutrients.

BLENDED COMPOST — 1.5 cu.ft. —– $8.00

An excellent soil amendment comprised of mushroom compost, hardwood fines, and aged landscape compost

GROWER’S SECRET — 2 cu.ft. —– $8.00 

A soil amendment consisting of aged pines fines, useful for lowering soil pH and increasing soil porosity.

Soil Amendments

PRO MOSS PEAT MOSS — 2.2 cu.ft. —– $12.99

A bale of sphagnum peat which provides excellent water retention and enriches soil by providing humus, aerates and loosens heavy soil, and binds sandy soils

Baccto Peat Moss— 2.2 cu.ft. —– $16 OR — 3.8 cu.ft. —– $21.99

Baccto SohSphagnum peat moss is 98% organic matter, providing excellent water retention without sacrificing necessary aeration. The unique blend enriches soil by providing humus, it also aerates and loosens heavy solid and binds sandy solid, adds body to light soils, and can hold many times its weight in moisture.

LEAF MULCH — 1.5 cu.ft. —– $8.00

A natural mulch produced from finely ground and screened leaves of woody plants, it also conditions the soil, improves water retention and provides a home for earthworms and beneficial microbial activity.

Hoffman Vermiculite —– 8qt—$14.00   OR 2 cu .ft —– $17.00

Hoffman Vermiculite is an efficient and popular soil conditioner. It loosens soil, provides aeration, retains water, and can be used to start seeds, propagate cuttings and store bulbs

Sungro Vermiculite  —–4 cf —– $54.99

Used as a soil amendment to improve moisture and nutrient retention. Vermiculite can be blended into a garden or potting soil to keep it well aerated and improve drainage.

Sungro Perlite —–  4 cft —– $54.99

Perlite is an excellent lightweight soil conditioner to improve soil aeration. It helps in loosening soil, reduces caking, and improves drainage. It can also be used to start seeds, propagate cuttings, and store bulbs.



Varieties of stone are essential in so many landscape projects. From water features, dry stream beds, and planting mulches, to xeriscaping, cobblestone walkways, and other decorative elements. Stone helps to brighten shady spots of your garden or yard and give it an overall clean, crisp look.

Grey Slate — ¾ cft —-$10

Slate makes a nice groundcover and is good in walkways because of its flat surface. Another popular use for this stone is in “dry river beds” because it has a “blue-ish” hue that gives it the appearance of water. 

River Rock ¾ cu ft ——– $5.50

Landscaping uses for river rock stone are practically unlimited. From paving, drainabge, mulching, xeriscaping, to decorative mosaics and accent features, you can use them in fountains and planters to build walkways or outdoor gardens, for edging, borders, flagstone joints, and countless other creative landscaping designs.

Pond Pebbles ¾ cu ft ——– $5.50

Pond pebbles are able to be quickly and easily added to almost any landscape, and can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to best suit your home landscape. Other benefits of pond pebbles include their resistance to fading and wood pests, or from being washed and blown away.

Pea Gravel ¾ cu ft ——– $5.50

Pea gravel is perfect for everything from walkways and garden borders to patios and driveways. The soft texture of the stone makes them great for footpaths. Peat gravel also suppresses weed growth and doesn’t decompose like organic mulch, so it makes for an effective rock mulch. Plus, its gravelly nature means it drains well and is rodent resistant, making it perfect for xeriscaping and an ideal border for a garden or home.

Play Sand —– .5 cu ft $5.00

Contractors use sand as a foundation for many landscaping projects because it is highly compactable, making it perfect for patio pavers and walkways. When combined with a polymeric additive, sand can also be poured between the joints and spaces of pavers to stabilize a walkway and reduce the risk of cracking or breaking. 


Small Bag Menu 

Espoma Organic Potting Mix —– 4qt—–$7

Perfect for all indoor and outdoor containers. Espoma Potting Mix is a rich blend of sphagnum peat moss, humus, and perlite, fortified with earthworm castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and feather meal. 

Pro-Mix Premium Potting Mix —– 8qt —–$14.00

Perfect for all indoor and outdoor container planting. With Micoactive technology to stimulate vigorous growth for greater stress resistance, larger root systems for increased nutrient and water uptake, and bigger, healthier plants. Enriched with a specially formulated plant food that gradually releases nutrients for up to nine months.

Espoma Organic Seed Starting Mix—- 8 qt—- $14 OR 16qt—- $18

Ideal for all seedlings and cuttings, seed starter mix promotes root growth and improves moisture retention.

Pro-Mix Premium Organic Seed Starting Mix —-8qt —-$14.00

Seed Starting Mix features Mycoative technology to stimulate vigorous growth for greater stress resistance and stronger roots, creating greater resistance to transplant shock. Formulated with coco fibre, this mix helps manage moisture levels and protects roots from rot. Includes organic fertilizer that gradually feeds plants for up to 3 months. 

Pro-Mix Premium Cactus Mix —4qt. $9.99 or 8qt —$14.00

Ready-to-use, this peat-based Pro-Mix premium cactus mix provides optimized air porosity and fast water draining qualities while still maintaining adequate water retention for cacti and succulent needs.

Black Gold Earthworm Castings —-8qt —-$15.99

This enriching soil amendment can be used as a top dressing, or added to water to make a rich “casting tea.”

Hoffman Bonsai Mix—-2qt —-$14.00

Formulated to provide optimum growth while providing moisture and drainage.

Espoma Organic Orchid Mix —-4qt —-$13.99

An all natural premium soil mix for orchids and other epiphyte that improves drainage an aeration.

Pro-Mix Premium Orchid Mix —-8qt —-$14.00

Offers good drainage and aeration, blended with high quality Western fir bark to avoid compaction and allows high water anbd air availability, providing conditions that favor the root growth that orchids need to thrive

Espoma Organic African Violet Mix —-4qt —-$9.99

Provides improved air porosity and water retention, creating the conditions needed for growing beautiful indoor plants.

Espoma Organic Vermiculite—-8qt —-$22.99

Loosens soil and prevents compaction while aeration and promoting root growth.

Pro-Mix Vermiculite—-8qt —-$22.99 

Pro-Mix Vermiculite is an expanded micaceous mineral that is lightweight, clean, and odorless. It has excellent properties for improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture 

Espoma Organic Perlite

8 qt. —- $20.99

Loosens and aerates the soil, prevents compaction and promotes root growth and can be used for seed starting, or for blending your own custom potting mix

Pro-Mix Perlite—-8qt —-$20.99

Pro-Mix Perlite is a lightweight, odorless aggregate with a neutral pH. Its physical structure improves aeration and drainage of soil which benefits a plant’s root system.

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