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All about Annuals

 Annuals consist of a group of plants that grow, flower, produce their seeds, and complete their life cycle within a rather short period of time, ranging from weeks to months. While their lives are short, they provide continuous rich color and flowering beauty that is seldom rivaled by perennial plants. Often sold as annuals, there are some perennials which flower profusely only in their first year of growth, including petunias, antirrhinums, and bedding salvia.

Many gardening enthusiasts rely on beautiful perennials to fill their yards and gardens with seasonal variety. However, the satisfaction of a beautiful perennial collection is inevitably enhanced by the addition of select annuals during the summer months. Likewise, there is nothing more welcoming than a gorgeous container or lush hanging basket filled with vibrant annuals placed near your front door.

Beauty and Versatility

The extensive availability of annuals in Chicago means that there is literally “something for everyone.” Many of these bright and versatile plants do well in window boxes and containers, cascading gracefully from hanging baskets; some grow rather tall, while their counterparts hug the ground. Many annuals flourish in full sun while still others thrive in shady gangways or the sun-dappled areas beneath trees.

Annuals add color, are easy to care for, and offer a perfect solution for urban gardening enthusiasts with limited space. These flowering gems bring the beauty of nature to even the smallest balcony, and provide full-season color to residential rooftop and deck containers.

Quality, Beauty, and Selection

As the weather warms, Farmer’s Market, Chicago’s garden center, begins to stock a wide array of exceptional annuals—provided primarily by small, local growers. Every plant is nurtured under the most ideal conditions to ensure vigorous blooms that will provide instant satisfaction and strong growth throughout the season. Choose these fragrant and colorful plants to tuck in between perennials, accent a dark corner, or simply fill your containers with their extraordinary hues.

Whether you are looking for full flats of colorful, sun-loving annuals to plant along your walkway, or begonias and dusty miller to fill the containers that accent your front entranceway, Farmer’s Market, Chicago’s garden center is the place to visit for the finest collection and best availability of high-quality annuals.

Throughout the season, we carry an ever changing array of these exceptional plants—stop in often to guarantee the best selection. On any given day, we may have a new delivery of beautiful geraniums in the richest reds and the softest pinks, unusual black petunias, exquisite vinca, verbena, or any number of other unusual hybrid annuals. Stop in and choose your favorites from amongst ours!

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