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Living in the city has its advantages. Whether you live downtown or in one of the surrounding neighborhoods, you will find social, educational, and cultural opportunities abound. There is always something to do, and lots of people around to share varying interests. However, one thing is in woefully short supply – space. Specifically, space to garden and watch things grow. 

Many of us live in apartments or condominiums where the only gardening space we have available is on our balcony. Even those of us lucky enough to have a 25’ or 30’ lot all to ourselves, find we are limited by the growing season here in the Midwest. That is one of the main reasons we feel it is important to offer an extensive selection of indoor plants to our valued customers. 

Amazing Selection 

At Farmer’s Market, we are not simply Chicago’s garden center, we are also Chicago’s indoor plant shop. We are committed to offering the best selection of houseplants you’ll find anywhere in the area. Our selection varies with availability, but you will always find an array of both common and rare varieties, those that are suited for low light as well as those that love a bright window, and you’ll find them in all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for something special – we might be able to “dig one up” – so don’t hesitate to ask!

You Don’t Need a Green Thumb

If you’ve been looking longingly at the beautiful green houseplants all your friends seem to have, but you’re worried about your brown thumb – don’t be. We have several excellent options that are almost impossible to kill. 

Just stop in and let us know where you want to put your plant (lighting and temperature conditions) and think about what usually goes wrong. Do you tend to overwater? We might recommend a Chinese evergreen. It is super forgiving if you overdo the water – and comes in a multitude of different varieties. Maybe you don’t remember to water? You might want to give a sansevieria (also known as the snake plant or Mother-in Law’s tongue) a try. 

No matter what your lifestyle and how much or how little space you have, we can help you find the right little green roommate!

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

We know that no one needs the “hard sell” on houseplants. After all, they add color, life, vibrancy, and a breath of fresh air to any space. However, you may want some advice on how to care for your new leafy companion. That is what we’re here for. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through everything you need to know, and we are happy to offer suggestions if you aren’t sure what you want. Give us a call or stop in and browse. You will love our quality and selection – and if you don’t see what you’re looking for – just ask!

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