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Indoor Growing

The advantages of indoor growing are limitless! It’s the perfect way to start seedlings, rehabilitate plants, or have your garden running all year round. You control the aspects of your grow. You determine the light schedules, watering times, and temperature variations. So what’s stopping you? Well, to get started you need a little bit of equipment and here at Farmers Market Garden Center, we have everything you need to get your projects going!

What can you grow with a full setup?

Almost anything! If you can fit it inside the tent, then you can grow it. Here in Chicago, we all know that when winter arrives, it means no more green thumb. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Come in today and talk to one of our indoor growing specialists about getting your setup today! Happy Growing!

Grow Tents

Here at FMGC, we carry 4 different sizes of grow tents, from small nursery tents to large tents that can hold up ten full-size plants! Now you may ask why you would need a tent? Well, having a tent allows you to keep an isolated environment around your garden. Without it, it would be very difficult to regulate light, temperature, and air circulation – not to mention your plants will grow much faster and produce better yields than without a tent.

Grow Lights

Lights may be the most important investment in your grow room setup. The intensity and type of light will affect your plants greatly. In the lighting world, you have three common options; LEDs, which can be cost-effective but oftentimes don’t produce enough light for plants to thrive (unless you shell out the big bucks). High-pressure sodium lighting used to be the norm for a long time. However, it has an incredibly high energy output and can get very hot if not properly vented. That is why we decided to take the middle ground and go with fluorescent lighting. It uses a small amount of energy and has the ability to recreate natural daytime lighting. Additionally, it puts out a perfect amount of heat that will keep your grow room feeling like a warm summer day. Each of our grow tents has a specific size light that fits it perfectly.

Fans and Filters

Depending on what you want to grow, air circulation and filtration may be recommended for you. We are a firm believer that all plants should have circulating airflow and light breezes to strengthen stems. Therefore, we carry full setups for carbon filter, in-line fans that will take the bad air, pollutants, and smells out of your grow room. Plants need fresh air and they will show their love for it by producing lush canopies and fruitful harvests.

Blog & News

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Terrarium Classes

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