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Exterior Holiday Decorating

Exterior decorating during the winter can mean lights and garland, oversized wreaths, or simple, elegant holiday containers. These types of decorations draw attention and increase curb appeal for businesses and commercial properties throughout the holiday season. Restaurants with eye-catching evergreen garland are more likely to attract passersby, and hotels with twinkling light displays at the entrance appear more inviting.

Whether you’re a building manager, hotel operator, or restaurant owner, brightening your property for the holidays using exterior decor is both good public relations and a cheerful form of advertising. People coming home from a long day at work or holiday shopping might stop in for a bite to eat at your restaurant seeing the warm, inviting look of windows lined with lights and garland. Office building tenants will be happier coming to work and feel more appreciated when building management shows they care about the little things like adding lights, garland, and wreaths to the drab winter landscape.

Exterior holiday decorating is a great way to increase foot traffic, enhance your company’s image, and even improve morale amongst employees or tenants. However, when the temperatures in Chicago start to drop and the hectic holiday season sneaks up on us, outdoor decorating can become a daunting and difficult task.

Call the Experts

If you’re interested in commercial exterior holiday decorating in Chicago, finding the right company for the job can be difficult. Not every decorating company will provide unique, quality work, knowledgeable staff, commercial grade materials, and professional installation for a reasonable price. That’s where Farmers Market – Chicago’s Garden Center, comes in.

At Farmers Market Garden Center, our experience with holiday decorating goes back more than twenty years. Before the current owners, Jennifer and Nicole, purchased the garden center, both sisters worked for their family’s corporate holiday decorating business designing, installing, and commercial holiday decor. 

Thanks to their experience and history in the industry, commercial decorating has become part of what Farmers Market – Chicago’s Garden Center does best. We are proud to offer expert holiday decorating services to restaurants, bars, corporate office buildings in the city and suburbs, and more.

Our exterior holiday decorating services include design and installation of items like garland, outdoor lighting (trees, garland, fences, etc.), winter containers, wreaths, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, working personally with clients to provide the best design and theme for their location, all while staying within budget. Our staff is comprised of hard working, knowledgeable individuals who enjoy coming up with new ideas and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty- and in the winter, this  usually means covered in glitter.

Contact Us

If you are looking for exterior holiday decorating services in Chicago or the nearby suburbs this winter, contact Farmers Market Garden Center. Our experience in the decorating industry, as well as our work ethic and creativity, is unmatched. Whether you want multiple lengths of ornamented garland, distinctive winter containers, or a wreath in the shape of a “W” and lit up in Cubby blue (which we have done), you can rest assured we will get it done!


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