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Residential Landscaping

Chicago is a vast, eclectic city filled with individual neighborhoods that are constantly developing and changing. When areas slowly change, block by block,, any property can struggle to fit in while striving to stand out. Landscaping is one of the best and most popular ways city dwellers can personalize their house, condominium, or townhome.

Urban landscaping allows you to change the personality and feel of your property just by working with the land it sits on. You can easily make the entrance of a modern house more inviting, fill a shady courtyard with color, or recreate the beauty of a neglected garden.. Not only will you improve the overall appearance of your home, you will increase your property value as well.

Residential landscaping in Chicago is different from landscaping in rural or suburban areas, as many  homes and buildings in the city have limited yard space to work with. In fact, many urban residents are restricted to using a small patio or balcony as their designated “green space.” You’ll want to choose a Chicago landscape company you can trust that has many years of experience helping fellow gardeners (and even self-proclaimed plant murderers) make the most of their available garden area.  

Our knowledgeable landscape team at Farmers Market understands the constraints and benefits of urban gardening, we know how harsh our winters can be, how sidewalk salt will kill an evergreen, how difficult it is to grow grass beneath towering maple trees,and how certain areas and soil types become marshy after a rainfall. We are also proficient in the art of container gardening – offering everything you need to enjoy the beauty of nature even on the smallest of balconies. 

A Reliable Chicago Landscaping Company

If you are looking for an experienced landscape company you can rely on to offer reasonable pricing, exceptional knowledge, and unparalleled design concepts, look no further than Farmers Market Garden Center. We understand what goes into urban landscaping. We know the work, dedication, and experience it takes to turn someone’s personal outdoor space into a unique and beautiful sanctuary bursting with life.

At Farmers Market you will be working with a family owned company whose priority is to keep every one of our clients happy and satisfied. When it comes to urban landscaping, we are the experts. Whether you have a shady, empty lot to work with, or a brick patio that gets beaten with heavy sun all summer long, our dedicated staff will come up with the perfect design solution to fit your needs. 

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When you want to work with a landscaping company that will listen to your preferences, knows how to get the most out of challenging spaces, and understands the intricate climate of our city –  contact Farmers Market Garden Center. Utilizing our extensive experience and quality products, we will help you create the outdoor oasis you are dreaming of. 

Call us today at 773-539-1200, or contact us via email at fmgc@gardenchicago.com. We look forward to working with you!






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