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Garden Decor

Garden Decor

Every gardener loves beautiful landscaping and achieving the perfect balance between their annuals, perennials, shrubbery, and the spaces they occupy. Additionally, most gardening enthusiasts strive to create a beautiful retreat where both nature and their own personal style coexist and thrive. What better way to bring out the “personality” of your garden than with unique and fun garden décor from Farmer’s Market, Chicago’s garden center?

Garden decor is a term used to describe a wide range of eye-catching ornamentation meant for outdoor use and placement. These items often add dimension to an ordinary landscape. For instance, a lush, green lawn is beautiful, but wouldn’t it be fun to add a touch of elegance or whimsy? This can easily be achieved with a unique fountain surrounded by colorful annuals or dramatic ornamental grasses. Maybe you would like to add height to a flower bed but don’t have the space for a shrub; try adding a pretty birdbath or statuesque piece of yard art.

You can even decorate tree branches with birdfeeders or wind chimes.

Quality garden decor is easy and fun to utilize, but finding what you really want can be tricky. There are so many different websites to search through, and you never get to examine the merchandise in person. Often, the most unique items are hidden among the flocks of pinwheels and pink flamingos. (Not to say we don’t like pink flamingos! Come in and meet Flo, and you’ll see what we mean).

Hidden Gems

Farmer’s Market, Chicago’s garden center, is the perfect place to find an endless variety of contemporary and eclectic garden art. We carry everything you might need, and some things you probably don’t.

When you first walk into our store, you will find a treasure trove of whimsical decor displayed on every table and shelf, not to mention outdoor furniture, containers, trellises, and fountains. Our birdbaths come in varying styles, colors, and sizes. We have been known to carry gardening pots shaped like fish, feet, and seashells, not to mention large pink birds.

Our stock of whimsical yard art is unique, and some of our pieces are just perfect for fairy gardens. We have tiny mushrooms, gnomes, solar powered bulbs that glow at night, mossy containers, glass orbs, and stakes that cast colorful rays when the sun shines through. You will also find fly-up windows for your feathered friends (bird feeders), and tinkling wind chimes.

We always carry quirky items, like grenade vases, flying pigs, and candles you would swear came straight off a pine tree. However, you will also find lots of classic contemporary and urban style decor, including monochromatic containers, lanterns, metal wall hangings, and plant stands—and don’t forget our kiddy art which includes fun and colorful butterfly stakes and bug statues.

Comb Our Collection

When you’re in need (or want) of garden decor and you don’t know where to go, visit our Chicago garden center. Not only will you have a veritable goldmine of art to explore, you’ll be able to meet Flo, our very own wine chilling flamingo. Come see us at 4110 N. Elston Ave in Chicago.

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